Value-Added Services

We offer a range of value-added services: through-pass boring, drain-hole drilling, ventilation and pressure shafts, and more.

  • Support options:
    • Long-range dry crete system:
      Currently used successfully in Mexico, this system allows for shaft-lining with a dry crete mix, which can be loaded on surface and mixed with water in a nozzle body to minimise wastage. A camera and a control device, lowered into the shaft, enable remote operation of the machine. The advantages of this system include a reduction in safety risk as no people are in the shaft when the process is underway; there are no limitations in terms of the depths it can reach; the thickness of the shaft lining is measured by laser; the entire process is controlled from surface; a core log is used as reference for inspection before spraying begins; a “skin” layer is applied to high-risk areas; and hole depth is recorded on a video.
    • Short-range wet crete system:
      The wet-crete mix is loaded on surface and fed into a nozzle body via a hose system. The system is also controlled remotely using a camera and control device. This short-range wet crete system presents similar advantages to the long-range dry crete system. It is used successfully in South Africa.
    • Headgear and stage application support:
      As with conventional sinking, a working stage is accessed by means of a winder, headgear and kibble arrangement. From the stage, the shaft side walls can be supported with steel mesh, mechanical and cable bolts, as well as shotcrete or formed concrete lining. This service is suitable for all raiseboring depth and diameter requirements. It is used where shaft equipping or complex support work is required.