Percussion drilling

Percussion rotary air blast drilling is a commonly used drilling technique used for exploratory drilling i.e. when minerals are being searched for. Percussion rotary air blast drilling is also often used for water bore drilling and blasthole drilling of mines.

Percussion rotary air blast (RAB) drilling Technique

This drilling technique makes use of pneumatic pressure to drive the steel drill bit into the ground in order to create a hole. It is a hammer like process that is easily able to penetrate rock in order to find mineral and ore deposits. The drill bits used are hollow. The debris which results from the drilling process shoots out of the earth and lands next to the machine. The unwanted material will land on the surface, next to the machine, by the use of air compression that is forced into the mine shaft. This is method of drilling is not always the best method to use when it comes to exploratory drilling as the materials to be sampled can be damaged when the materials are blasted from the earth. The percussion rotary air blast drilling procedure can usually be completed within a day.

Percussion rotary air blast drilling is the perfect method to be used when the exploratory drilling needs to be done on hard material such as rock. The percussion rotary air blast drilling method can penetrate up to 25 metres. If a mining company simply wants to have a small sample of the product which they are mining, then this method is simple and cost effective to be use. When there is a rock layer sitting on top of the soil which needs to be analysed for mineral presence, percussion rotary air blast drilling can be used to break away the top layer of rock so that the underneath soil can be explored.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of percussion rotary air blast drilling?

Percussion rotary air blast drilling can be completed very quickly and easily through almost every different type of rock, this is the biggest advantage to percussion rotary air blast drilling.

The biggest disadvantages to percussion rotary air blast drilling are that for the effective use of the machinery, an experienced operator needs to be employed and while the machine can break through almost all types of rock, it cannot break through rock which is reinforced by steel.

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