Rotary Drilling

Hydraulic rotary drilling consists of large, heavy machinery that is used to dig down deep into the earth. While many other techniques are only able dig a few metres down, hydraulic rotary drilling is able to penetrate kilometres into the earth. As an exploratory form of drilling, hydraulic rotary drilling stands out from the rest. Instead of returning samples to the surface, the hydraulic rotary drilling process is in search of natural gas and oil reserves that are found several kilometres within the earth. The drilling bit is accompanied by pipes that contain cooling agents that keep the process running smoothly and prevent the drill from overheating. These pipes also help to stabilise the walls of the mine while also removing the fallen debris from the shaft. Mud comes out of the mine shaft and professionals analyse the rocks which are found in the mud. The shaft is analysed to search for the presence of gas or oil within or below the hole created.

When using exploratory drilling for oil and gas there are plenty of safety hazards. The gases and oils might be flammable which puts the entire mining team and machinery in danger. Should there be oil underneath the area there is always the danger of accidently causing a leak in the oil reserve. A leak such as this would possibly result in the underground water being polluted, endangering the safety of the water supplies used for human and animal consumption. In some countries laws regulate the use of hydraulic rotary drilling procedures and state that they can only be done by trained professionals and by sticking to strict safety measures.

The biggest advantage of the hydraulic rotary drilling procedure is that when done safely and correctly it is able to reach great depths and allow a mining company to accurately determine whether or not there is an oil or gas deposit below the surface.

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