Human resources

Management and engagement

In our approach to human-resource management and meaningful employee engagement, we aim to provide:

  • employment and growth opportunities for the benefit of all parties
  • a safe working environment
  • fair remuneration and employee benefits
  • a learning environment and innovation stimulation
  • harmonious relationships built on trust and respect

Transformation and development

We address employment equity in South Africa through our Employment Equity Committee. We are committed to transformation that allows for continuous and sustainable growth.

We focus strongly on skills development with a fully functional Human Resource Development (HRD) unit. The unit concentrates on the development of all staff across the business in terms of compliance, technical and soft skills training. The HRD unit liaises with the Mining Qualifications Authority Sector Education Training Authority for the Mining and Minerals Sector as well as Further Education and Training colleges, including universities. We plan to offer bursaries for students in the core disciplines of the business from 2014 and we attend career days at universities to promote the business to prospective candidates.

We have developed and applied HR policies in line with legislation and best practice for all the areas of HR management.

Growth opportunities

Training and awareness programmes in safety, human rights and other labour-related issues are provided regularly at operational level. We support our employees by pursuing a blended learning approach, which combines e-learning and classroom sessions, using easily accessible tools internationally.

Our Group Academy expands the skills and knowledge of our employees through courses in capability improvement.

We conduct annual needs assessments in conjunction with a workplace skills plan that outlines training and skills-development targets. Our skills-development programmes include long-learning initiatives aligned with career-path development plans, as well as learnerships for fitters and turners, electricians, millwrights, boilermakers and apprentices.

We also encourage our people to pursue recognised training and development courses, on a part-time basis, through accredited institutions by offering bursaries and other forms of financial assistance.

As we continue to expand rapidly, we ensure that all our employees are welcomed into our organisation in a consistently efficient and respectful manner.

Master Drilling Remuneration Policy

Organisational Structure