Grade control drilling

While it is tempting to jump right into the mining process, grade control drilling should be done in order to find out exactly what type of minerals and ores it is that you are working with. Knowing the grade and variability of the ore being used is very important as it will assist you in deciding which types of drilling and mining are suited to the type of rock and mineral being mined. The task of doing grade control drilling falls onto the shoulders of the mine geologists. It is up to them to study the rock and advise the mine owners on the best mining practices available to them depending on the type of rock and the type of ore being mined.

Grade control drilling is done by drilling out a sample and analysing it. Though this sounds easy, the process is not that simple. Grade control is the final step in the process before the mining can be done. Grade control is also very important because it will help the mine owners to decide whether or not they should mine at all because grade control drilling will help them to see if the mining process is going to be ecconomically successful. Grade control assists the mine in determining whether or not the mining project will produce good quality ore that will sell for a good price on the market.

Grade control will help those in charge to map out the mining area and to make sure that the mining will be done effectively and efficiently. It could be said that the success of the mine depends, at the end of all of the procedures, on the effectiveness of the grade control. If the grade control is done incorrectly then the overall success of the mining project will be a failure. Grade control drilling falls under the exploratory drilling group as the ores which are mined are used to determine the financial success of the mine.

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