Full coverage report of the Interim Results FY2015 29 September 2015

Report compiled on the 29 September 2015

Total coverage received from major news outlets

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Master Drilling Interim financial results media coverage gives a direct overview of coverage mainly reporting on the 22, 9% increase in zar headline earnings per share, key financials and salient features from SENS/ media release. Reports also highlight the four strategic pillars of the Group hedged the group against the economic downturn in commodities.

Key themes emerging from the coverage include:

  • Adding value to the industry, Alpha Wealth fund manager Keith McLachlan said Master Drilling’s success was almost entirely due to its fleet of drilling rigs, which is the biggest in the world. The company’s closest competitor only has about a third of their fleet.

Key quotes

  •  “That gives them a significant cost advantage in terms of economies of scale, because, whether they are running 50 rigs or 150 rigs, their overheads are the same. They also extract efficiency from their fleet, which is mobile, automated, and less reliant on people (who are prone to error),” – Alpha Wealth fund manager Keith McLachlan
  • “They will have to spend on exploration at some point. Nevertheless, we have made a lot of progress in reducing our exposure to commodities. Last year revenue from energy and infrastructure projects was sitting at next to nothing. Now it accounts for about 7%. The goal is to get to a point where they make up more than 30% of our revenue,” – CEO Danie Pretorius
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