Box hole Boring

Unlike raise boring which is used to create a tunnel vertically from the top down, boxhole boring is used in the opposite way to create a hole from the bottom up. Boxhole boring is mostly used to create ventilation tunnels, slot raises, through passes and tunnels used to extract ore. The tunnels or shafts created by the boxhole borer are usually created in limited spaces where a conventional raise boring machine cannot be used. The box hole boring machine is aimed at the top of the shaft which needs to have a passage created though it and it bores vertically upwards with the debris from the mining falling back onto and away from the machine. The debris can then be collected and removed from the mine.

Box hole drilling can also be easily used without the use of a pilot hole to guide the process. If there is too much stress on the drill bit it can cause the bit to begin to shake which leads to the hole being drilled to be of its mark. In order to prevent this from happening stabilisers are added to the drill bit to allow the drilling process to be smooth and accurate.

The box hole boring method is the most popular and effective method to use when there is limited space in which to make a safe hole between two shafts. Boxhole boring is mostly used in mines to create space for ventilation passages and shafts to extract mining materials.

Box hole Drilling

The machines used for boxhole boring can weigh up to 50 tonnes and they work exceptionally fast. Unlike the conventional drilling and basting techniques that were employed in the past, boxhole drilling is safer and cost effective. Boxhole drilling is able to create holes with a diameter of up to 10 metres which is optimal for the use of the machine. The boxhole boring method is capable of creating tunnels that are up to 20 metres in length which makes this method the ideal method to use when you need to connect two shafts in a narrow space.

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