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Raise Boring by Master Drilling

Roughly two thirds of Master Drilling’s services consist of raise drilling / boring. Surface and underground raise boring, underground and surface exploration drilling and blind hole boring are amongst the services offered by Master Drilling. When using Master Drilling for your boring needs we guarantee you increased safety, increased speed and a decrease in costs.

raise boring

What is raise drilling and what is raise boring?

Raise drilling is used to create ventilation shafts as well as shafts through which the mined ore can be passed.

Raise boring is used in underground mining to create a circular hole between two levels within a mine. This method eliminates the need for explosives. The machine is placed on the level above the two levels which are going to be the focus of the boring operation. Once the top level has been broken through and a pilot hole is placed into to upper level of the two levels you are focusing on, a reaming head is used to create the required tunnel in the exact size that is needed.

Being able to carry out this heavy duty mining activity, without having to use explosives, is the feature of Raise Boring. Blasting can be incredibly dangerous, it can lack precision and it wastes a huge amount of time. When using the boring method, the mine on which you are working does not have to be evacuated and the procedure can be completed during the shift times. This saves time because the mine does not have to be closed while the raise boring is taking place.

Raise drilling has become a popular method to use when creating holes between the two levels. The method became popular because it saves time, it saves money and it is the safest way in which you can create a hole.

Why you should use this mine drilling technique ?

  1. Safety
    This is possibly the safest method you can use to create a tunnel or a shaft. Without the need for explosives, there is little danger of causing the mine to collapse.
  2. Increase in productivity
    By using this mining technique , the tunnel you need to have created is done quickly and with minimal disruption to the mining that is taking place in the other shafts.
  3. Minimal rock disturbance
    The drilling doesn’t shake the surrounding rock with the same intensity that a blast will. This means that it is possibly the safest method you can use in order to create the needed shaft without bringing the entire level or even the entire mine down.
  4. Costs are reduced
    With less time spent creating the shaft and less time spent cleaning up the after math, raise boring is going to save you money.
  5. Quick completion
    This drilling is a speedy method.

raise drilling Raise boring machinery are known to be highly accurate in their operations and this adds to the overall effectiveness of this mining practice.

If the boring procedure begins to veer off course, the machinery has builtin directional instruments that are able to put the machinery back in line so that the boring can continue running in the planned way. This boring technique is not always suitable for a mine as it takes place between two levels and some mines do not have this.

Raise drilling is used mostly for mining purposes and has revolutionised the way in which mining and drilling is done. Not only has raise boring made mining safer but it has also made mining easier in many ways. These are the uses of raise boring drilling:

  • It can be used for drainage purposes
  • It is used to provide ventilation for the inside of the mine and especially to the lower levels that receive little air
  • It creates tunnels for the mined minerals and metals to be transported easily to the surface
  • It can be used to make shafts for the miners and their tools to be easily transported in and out of the mine
  • It can be used for certain hydro electrical projects
  • It is used for difficult horizontal and low angle drilling

What should you consider when selecting a raise boring machine?

The drifts that a mine has should be one of the first things a mining company examines. The size and the weight of a raise boring machine that you are considering will depend on the drifts. The power of the machine is another factor to consider. If you are drilling through levels that are incredibly strong you will need to have very powerful machinery. The stability of the area where you want to do the boring should be carefully scrutinised in order to determine the risks that are involved when using this machinery in a certain area.

The mine that is considering using a raise boring machine, will need to find out about the drilling rods. It is important to find out the life span of the rods, how often they have been used and the capacity of the rods. A mine should keep in mind that this mining machinery is used underground to bore between levels. With this in mind a mine should contemplate the various proportions of the boring machinery and it should consider the flexibility and move ability of the machinery. You wouldn’t want the the machine that you have hired to either not be able to fit where you need it to be or to get stuck when inside. You should also check the operating height.

The raise boring optimization analysis of reliability should also be measured.

With 97 raise boring machines and 60 other machines, Master Drilling is more than capable to send the right equipment to your project and with our skilled staff, your project will be in good hands.

Master Drilling offers raise boring solutions worldwide with preference to the following countries: Peru, Chili, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, DRC, Mali, Burkina Faso, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Kenia, Namibia , South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Finland,  Sweden, Norwegian, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey and Malta.

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